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Our mission is to promote professional learning through a creative, online, educational-entertainment approach.

Historical Evolution

Kalext Productions, LLC is a private, minority-owned company located in the city of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County in the sunny state of Florida. Biznizcamp.com is an educational-entertainment website owned by the company. The company was founded in 2003 by Keith A. Thomas who, back in 1984, designed and published the first edition of Cross-Lengua, a bilingual (Spanish-English) crossword puzzle paperback book, through Todd-Honeywell publishers in New York. Over the years, the 'learn with games' concept evolved from a simple bilingual crossword paperback to a plethora of interactive, audio-visual, educational-entertainment products, accessible through various media.

The number one goal of biznizcamp.com is to make learning a fun-filled experience for everyone including home-schoolers, private and public elementary, high school, and college students; teachers, parents, and business professionals.

To this end, the company offers complimentary online courses including discussions, activities, and games covering Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, and Agile Scrum. All online creative games for children, business students, and professionals are also complimentary. Our online professional development courses provide participants with essential learning and knowledge for eventual certification in the respective fields.

Anytime during your experience on the site, please feel free to click the "Token of Appreciation" medal below, or the "Support Token" button on any page, to make a small contribution to express your appreciation and support for ongoing improvement and maintenance of this space.

Professional Development, Training, and Consulting
The company offers consulting services in project leadership and training to corporate customers and individuals. The principal is Project Management (PMP), Agile Scrum (CSM, CSPO), and Lean Six Sigma (LSSMBB) certified from accredited institutions such as PMI, Scrum Alliance, Smarter Solutions, and Florida Atlantic University.
Please use the 'Contact Us' form on this page to request information on how we can customize a unique, offline and/or, online experience for your organization or learning center.

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