Privacy Policy

Our mission is to promote professional learning through a secure, creative, online, educational-entertainment medium.

Privacy Policy

Maintaining the privacy and security of our visitors as they experience our site is of paramount importance to us. For that reason, we maintain a secured site and require potential students and game players to register under secure procedures. Our visitors may browse through all other pages of this site without providing any personal information to reveal their presence. While we do not collect any personal information from regular visitors, we do collect certain information required from our students to maintain contact with them during their experience with our online courses. Additionally, we prohibit the collection of sensitive, personal data from users of our mobile products. We do not request any such information within the mobile applications published, nor on this website.

The information required from our students include:
   - The name of the student
   - The email address of the student
   - The telephone number of the student
   - A username and password to secure the information

Visitors may opt to subscribe to our games and activities. In this case, the information required from potential players include:
   - The first and last names of the player
   - A valid email address of the player
   - A user ID from the player
   - The state and city of the player
   - The players age
   - If the player is a minor, full name of the parent

Additionally, a visitor may choose to complete our Contact Us form on the about us page to send us feedback about our site or products and services. This form requests limited information including:
   - Full name of visitor
   - Email address of visitor
   - Feedback subject
   - Comment from visitor

To summarize, we do not request personally information from visitors simply browsing of the website. Our visitors may, or may not choose to provide the information requested for interacting with secured pages. This information cannot be collected unless the user consciously agrees to provide the information requested in order to use secured pages.
We are confident you will find our website secure, instructive, and insightful and you are invited to submit your comments, questions and suggestions to our webmaster at

Kalext Productions, LLC

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy with the understanding that a revised policy will be posted at least 30 days prior to its effective date and will only apply to information and transactions after the effective date.