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Online educational games and activities are provided free to our students and professional subscribers. Get on board!

Student educational activities

Online Educational Games for Students

These online game activities are designed for high school to college students. In collaboration with teachers and counselors, these activities can be tailored to focus on any given subject, for any given grade level.

The teacher, professor or counselor provides the material for the activity and prescribes the objective and strategy for the exercises. We can design and host the activities in our domain or they can be deployed on a website provided by the client. Visit Student and Professional Games for a free subscription to activity samples.

Please Contact Us today about customized online edutainment for students at your learning center.

Children educational activities

Online Educational Games for Children

Kids' Edu-Club® online activities are designed for children 8 years and older. These activities are designed with the objective of enhancing the learning skills of younger students. The activities are provided in English, Spanish and in a combination of both languages.

Parents are encouraged to sign-up their children for free, continuous educational-entertainment activities. There is no software to download and the facility is available for the entire family. Just register each family member.

The focus of the activities is to develop listening, reading, writing, and pronunciation skills of the player.

Browse to our Educational Games page and sign up for a FREE subscription as Bizkids Camper® creative online educational-entertainment activities for your child.

Creative student games

Audience: Teachers, Students and Professionals

Creative student games include educational word games, puzzles and quizzes. These activities can be designed for your in-school Intranet website.

For high school to college students, we can customize homework and other assignments as educational-entertainment to meet your specific needs.

Students and professionals enjoy online activities in Org-Chemistry, Accounting, Micro-Bio, etc. Please visit: Students and Professionals and register as a BiznizCamper® to enjoy these activities.

Creative mobile applications

Audience: Parents, Teachers and Students

Leisure applications include word games, board games and trivia games. Business applications include Linear PM, Six Sigma, Agile PM, Real Estate, and more.

All are available for smartphones, tablets and other mobile touch devices and localized for English and Spanish speaking audiences.

Visit iTunes or the App Store directly to download your copy of any BizNizCamp mobile application.
Please Visit: Mobile Apps for more details.

Activities and games booklet

Audience: Teachers, Students and Professionals

Our educational-entertainment paperback books offer game and puzzle activities for subjects ranging from project management to bilingual learning.

We work closely with home-tutors, learning centers, and school teachers to customize and deliver creative word games, puzzles and quizzes, for most academic subject.

Our BizNizCamp paperbacks are handy companions for workshops, travel and leisure activities.
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